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Why chose MyPilates?

  • All of our instructors speak English, and you do not to look for an English class – just let our instructor know that you are non native speaker, and they will tailor instructions accordingly.
  • We are best rated and most modern pilates reformer studio in Vilnius, and we take pride in the excellent service that we offer.
  • We have 2 convenient locations in the Vilnius city centre. One near Konstitucijos pr., and one in Naujamiestis.
  • All of our instructors are experienced and have medical qualifications – so you can be sure that you are in safe hands!
  • We are the only studio in Vilnius offering tower reformer classes, in addition to regular reformer classes.
  • You can choose from a variety of group classes with different coaches, or an individual session.
  • We use a range of equipment, in addition to reformers, ensuring that no session is the same!
  • We offer small group classes, with no more than 12 participants.
  • You can also schedule a private class for one or two people – the session will be tailored just for you!
  • Last but not least, you can also use your credits to try out the only hot yoga and pilates studio in Lithuania, www.hotflow.lt. This is our partner brand ant they are based at the Naujamiestis studio.

The benefits of reformer pilates

  • Reformer pilates entails resistance training, hence is very efficient for muscle building and weight loss goals.
  • Reformer pilates is extremely safe – the method delivers great results with very low impact to your body, hence is extremely good for longevity and avoiding injuries. In fact, reformer is classified as a medical device, and is used by medical profesionals in injury prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Reformer pilates improves mobility and core strength.
  • Reformer pilates is great for posture and alleviating pains associated with bad posture.
  • Reformer pilates improves muscle – mind connection, and helps with improvement of general well-being as well as reducing stress.
  • Most of all, its fun and diverse – every class is diverse, and you are taken care of by a professional instructor, hence never need to worry about what exercise to do next or not knowing technique.
pilatesas vilniuje
pilates studija vilniuje

Frequently asked questions:
1. Q: do your instructors speak English?
A: Absolutely, all of our instructors speak English

2. Q: What do I need to know ahead of the first class?
A: All you need to know is laid out below on this page

3. Q: How do I check prices?
A: all of them are available under https://mypilates.lt/kainos/

4: Q: Where can I see schedule?
A: the schedule is available under Glofox app (select MyPilates studio), see instructions here: https://mypilates.lt/atsiskaitymas/ or under website https://mypilates.lt/rezervacija/

5: Q: how can I book a group class?
A: you can book it through the Glofox app, our website https://mypilates.lt/rezervacija/ or by contacting us via email (info@mypilates.lt) or by phone.

6. How can I book an individual class?
A: please contact us via info@mypilates.lt or via phone

Preparing for the first Pilates Reformer session can raise a variety of questions. The information below will provide you with the answers!

You are trying the Pilates Reformer training for the first time – how to choose the most suitable workout for you?

  • If you are physically active (engaging in any physical activity at least once a week) or have tried the Pilates mat exercises before, you can sign up for any group session. Just make sure you inform the instructor that this is your first session ahead of the workout, and he will provide you with all the info you need to know.
  • If your physical activity is limited, we recommend you try an individual or introductory session. These sessions will give you more individual attention and are tailored for your personal needs. The instructor will introduce you to the Reformer machine before the class, thoroughly demonstrate and describe the exercises during the class, and ensure they are performed safely and effectively. The intensity and complexity of the workout can be adjusted individually to meet your personal needs.

Before the first session, it is important to:

  • Arrive at least 10-15 minutes before the start of the session – during this time, you can change clothing, get ready for class, and you will be given the initial instructions.
  • Please inform the instructor that you are participating in the Pilates Reformer class for the first time, and you will receive instructions on how to use the Reformer machine and get additional attention during the class.

Choose the right clothing for the session:

  • Your clothing needs to be comfortable and clean and not restrict your movements. Shorts, tights, sports t-shirts or snug, stretchy clothing are all suitable.
  • We are exercising with Grip socks, which have a rubber sole for better grip. Grip socks are not necessary for the first session – regular socks will be fine. However, we recommend getting them if you plan to exercise regularly – your sessions will become safer and more effective. You can buy Grip socks at our studio or at the sporting goods stores.

We take care of everything – from A to Z:

  • We have 2 convenienly located studios:
    • Šnipiškės is the central part of Vilnius. The exact address: Kintų g. 11, Vilnius, LT09301, (google maps link).
    • Naujamiestis studio located in Naujamiestis neighbourhood. The exact address: Kauno g. 22, Vilnius, LT03210, (google maps link)
  • It is convenient to arrive by car:
    • Šnipiškės studio: you will find 20 parking spots right by the studio, and a UniPark parking lot with 120 parking spots just 50 meters away.
    • Naujamiestis studio: there are plenty of spaces around studio to park in yellow zone (0,60 cents/hour) or you can park 2 min walk away near Iki shopping mall, where you get 90 minutes for free.
  • The studios are equipped with comfortable changing rooms with lockers and showers. Here, you can find all the necessary hygiene items, towels and a hair dryer.
  • It is easy to book the sessions and pay. You can find schedules and make reservations on our app and website. The payment can be done through the website and at our studio.

If we have not answered your question – call us at (8-678) 01877 or email us at info@mypilates.lt. If you need additional information – you can check this short video instruction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlxCPTpf6N8.